Long Stay Visa to Monaco


- 2 Long Stay Visa application forms duly completed, dated and signed

- 3 passport size photographs, with 2 pasted on to the forms

Originals + 2 sets of copies of the following documents ::

- Valid passport

- Statutory declaration (both in French and English, and duly legalized by a Justice of the Peace) that you have never been bankrupt in the country where you reside as well as any other country you might have been resident in for the last 10 years.

- Justification of stay in Monaco :

if you intend to work : work contract endorsed by the Employment Department of the Principality or official authorization to create and run a business (if creating a business)

if you intend to join your husband/wife living in Monaco : marriage certificate delivered by the State or Province Civil Registar + his/her passport (with copy of the Monacan visa if not a national). Documents issued by religious authorities will not be accepted.

If you intend to move as a resident : certificate from your bank manager attesting that you possess sufficient financial means to live without working in Monaco.

- Proof of address in Monaco : property ownership documents, or copy of lease if renting, or Certificate of Board and Lodging (Attestation d’Accueil) issued by the “Sécurité Publique”.

- Travel itinerary. If you intend to stay 12 months or more, a single ticket will be sufficient.

- Police certificate(s) of country or countries of residence of more than one year over the last ten years :

• For Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, a National Criminal History Record Check (less than three months old) : standard disclosure - police name check - issued by the police authorities of your State or Territory.

- If you travel as a family, you will also have to provide copies of :

Marriage certificate issued by the State or Province Registrar (+ copy). Documents issued by religious authorities will not be accepted.

Children’s birth certificates (+ copy). Documents issued by religious authorities will not be accepted.

- unaccompanied minors should provide a full birth certificate, a parental authority delegation and if under 16, a letter attesting enrollment in a school in Monaco

Application should be lodged in person at the Consulate-General of France in Wien with all the requirements, in the order listed above.

Visa processing fee : 99 euros. only cash payments will be accepted.

Processing time to obtain the visa : 2 months minimum for a complete application

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