I am a E.U. citizen, what do I need to go to France?

You need to bring your EU passport with you since Identity card does not mentioned your nationality.

I am a EU citizen, do I need a resident permit if I want to stay in metropolitan France longer than 3 months?

No, according to law 2003-1119 of 26 November 2003 concerning the stay of foreigners in France, as a national of a Member of the European Union, you are exempt from any residence permit in France even beyond the three months of residence.

I am EU citizen. Do I need a visa to live and work in the DOM -TOM?

Under the Annex to the Order of 14 December 2009:
Holders of a residence permit issued by a Schengen State are allowed to enter the territory of the French departments overseas, St Barthelemy, St Martin and St Pierre and Miquelon, for stays not exceeding three months.

You do not need a long stay visa if you want to install in a DOM.

You must request a long stay visa if you want to remain in a TOM for a period exceeding 90 days and if you do not have an independent economic activity, or have not been allowed to take up employment.

You will for example apply for a visa if you want to accompany your spouse.

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